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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Analysing HTTP and COAP for IoT



IoT is a simple idea of connecting all identified objects through wireless connection that they could communicate with each other [1]. Thus, it is a reality that allows connecting people, and also provides connectivity among those owned. This connectivity saves time, effort and enables things to be smart and work automatically. The goal is not just being connected in terms of computers, tablets and smart phones but it can be visualised as a world where everything is connected together with smart communication among them. In this paper, we discuss internet of things in the field of WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and IEEE 802. Also, there are some tests that are evaluated between CoAP and HTTP which concludes that CoAP/UDP based protocols perform better for constrained networks compared to HTTP. In addition, there are some securities issues that are related to Internet of things are discussed in the paper.

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Page(s) : 68 - 74
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Volume 6 : Issue 2
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