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Functional properties of goat cheese protein hydrolysed. Evaluation by artificial neural network



The aim of this work is to study key functional parameters of the goat cheese protein hydrolysates. A Plackett-Burman Statistical Design, Response Surface Methodologies and Artificial Neural Network are applied to describe the effects of different factors (pH, Temperature, Time of hydrolysis, Amount of added buffer and Enzyme : Substrate ratio) on the following functional parameters of goat cheese proteins, which are hydrolysed by papain: Free Amine Nitrogen (NA), Total Soluble Nitrogen (NT), Solubility (PSI), Water Holding Capacity (WHC), Emulsifying Activity Index (EAI), Emulsifying Stability Index (ESI), Viscosity ( ), Held Water (HW), Surface Hydrophobicity (So), Foaming Capacity (FC) and Foam Stability (FS). According to our results, the release of soluble proteins from goat cheese to the supernatant (NT) and the hydrolysis degree of proteins into the supernatant (NA) increased until 443% and 273%, respectively. PSI, WHC, EAI, ESI and HW increased until 443%, 159%, 0.88%, 324% and 64% respectively.  decreased until 33% and So (bitter peptides indicator) was reduced until 98.8 %, regard to the original protein isolates. FC and FS were extremely low or null. Predicted values were experimentally confirmed and compared with those of original protein isolates.

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