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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

A 2-Port Network Model of a Z-Source Converter



A 2-port network model of an ideal Z-source convertor has been developed and is presented in both the Zdomain and the S-domain. The reciprocicity of the Z-source convertor is confirmed with Z12 is shown to equal Z21, and S12 is shown to equal S21, and the transfer function for the Voltage Gain of the network is derived. The 2-port model is validated against a MATLAB Simscape Z-Source convertor simulation and found compliant. It was shown and confirmed that an increase in inductance in the Z-source convertor reduces the resonant frequency and its magnitude, while increasing capacitor values will decrease the resonant frequency of the system but as opposed to the inductor sweep the resonant magnitude increases and the phase shift bandwidth is almost unaffected. Two different configurations with the same resonant frequency were compared revealing the damping effect on the resonant frequency. The larger characteristic was found for a system with a large value of capacitance with respect to inductance (3500μF, 350μH) and the smaller characteristic is for a system where the inductance is large with respect to capacitance (350μF, 3500μH), and the role that the inductor value plays in determining the phase shift bandwidth of the system was confirmed.

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