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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

Anglo-French Boundary Commission and the British Military expedition Against Foday Kaba and His Allied 1891-1898

Author(s) : ENSA TOURAY


This paper seeks to explore how the warfare of Kaba and Foday Sillah led to demarcation of boundary between the British and the French. The continuous war of Kaba required an official mapping out of the boundary that would determine the legitimate sphere of influence of French and British for peace and stability in the entire South Bank of the Gambia. It also reveals the determination of British administration in setting up of the military expeditionary force to exterminate the strategic political and military entrenchment of Foday Kaba in the area.

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Page(s) : 81 - 86
Electronic ISSN : 2374 - 1627
Volume 3 : Issue 1
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