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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

A Study on the Korean Educational Policy on the Merger of Small Schools in Rural Areas -Focusing on the Educational Outcomes and the Social Effects of Boarding Middle school

Author(s) : LEE, HWA-RYONG


The purpose of this study is to propose a framework to analyze the educational effects and outcome of the boarding middle school established following the merger and abolition of small schools in rural area. According to the decrease in birth rate and reduction of population in rural area, the schools have brought about many problems for decrease of number of student, and environment of education have become deteriorated. By extension, this situation has given rise to the impoverishment of community as well as the abolition of small schools in rural area. Merger and abolition of schools in Korean rural area are inevitable for change of placement standard to school and qualitative improvement of environment of education. This study suggests 1) educational effects and outcome, 2) changes and benefits of student’s living conditions, 3) social effects to local community, and 4) economic efficiency analysis as a new framework to evaluate the validity of establishing a school. It sets up a hypothesis that the students, parents and community satisfy the boarding school in rural area, a school record be improved and the abolition of schools have little effect on community. Finally, it emphasizes that in order to success the policy of the merger of small schools and the boarding middle school, it be attributed to the social-cultural environment based on local residents and community and required provision of a variety of utilization plans reflecting local specifics and guarantee of local residents' participation and selection

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Page(s) : 73 -76
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Volume 3 : Issue 1
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