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Towards abolishing imposing comprehensive Sanction: sanction damaged iraqi society and food Ration system saved it from famine



The imposing of sanction regime on Iraq by the Security Council was unique in the history of the United Nation. All sanction resolutions adopted by the Security Council since the establishment of United Nation Organization, had exempted food, medicine and humanitarian commodities from sanction regime except in Iraqi case where total blockade was imposed. All commodities including food and medicine were prevented from entering into Iraqi territories. Consequently, all exported commodities which are basically oil and oil product, and which generates 95% of total foreign currency were prohibited. Around $150 billion of the oil revenue meant for the Iraqi people were deprived during the sanction. Thus, international trade was affected by this value. Food Ration System which was adopted science the beginning of imposing sanction in 6th of August 1990 proved successful in saving Iraqi people from famine. High death rate and malnutrition prevailed during thirteen years of sever sanction due to the lack of sufficient food, medicine, pure water supply, electricity, equitable sanitation etc. Increase in unemployment, decline in the educational system, dismantle of the society and a crippling of the economy of Iraq, are all the consequences of imposing sanction. Even when sanction was lifted after 2003 war erupted against Iraq, society is still suffering from the impact of comprehensive sanction imposed on them. The main victims were Iraqi people. The aim of this paper is to call on the international community to abolish the imposing of sanction regime on countries because the socioeconomic cost is devastating for people.

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