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Internal financial controls in Ghana health services (a case study Of bechem government hospital



Public corporations have shareholders demanding accountability. However, public hospitals are mostly funded by government with taxpayers’ money and other donors. These fund providers are usually not active, thus making the demand for accountability low. In recent times however, questions are being raised about the management of funds allocated to these hospitals. This has drawn attention to the internal controls established by these hospitals and effectiveness of their implementation. This study sought to assess the financial controls established by Ghana Health Service and to examine the extent of compliance of Bechem Government Hospital to these controls. Data were collected using questionnaire, interviews and by observation. The study identified that, the Ghana Health Service relies on the Accounting, Treasury and Financial Reporting Rules and Instructions (ATF) developed by the Ministry of Health to regulate financial activities and financial reporting in hospitals and other health facilities. It was also found that, as much as possible, Bechem Government Hospital complies with the provisions of the ATF and to ensure effective implementation of the controls, the hospital has established internal guidelines such as the segregation of duties.

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