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Relationship between the Climate changes and Human adaptive strategies in Sri Lanka with special reference to Puttlam District



The principle objective of my research is to examine the relationship between the Climate changes and the Human adaptive strategies in Sri Lanka with special reference to Puttlam district in 1980s to contemporary period. Studying the climate changes in Sri Lanka can be identified, previous 40 years of period main component of climate has been changed. When considering the rainfall it could be identified seasonal rainfall has been transform and also temperature. Annual rainfall in Sri lanka has not be change dramatically but studying the last 40 years type of rain is in extreme levels. So that droughts and flood were occurred regarding that extreme climate changes. So that the area called Puttlam is situated in Dry zone has to face natural hazards. Specially I paid my attention to Anamaduwa GN division to identify the adaptive strategies of human, because this area can be categorized the one of poorest areas and also marginalized area in Sri Lanka (according to census and statistics in Sri Lanka). However these extremist situation (climate changes and environmental hazard) the people those who are living in this area has no enthusiastic to migrate for other areas. They can’t cultivate that what they want and also people are in under development but they loved and adaptive for the environment. In my research I try to identify the socio- economic, cultural ecological and political ecological factors that underlying this adaptation and I’d try to make a conceptual framework on that regards.

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