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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

(Improving Health and Safety Management in the Saudi Arabian Oil and Gas Construction Project)

Author(s) : REEM ALAMRI


Health and safety issues have always been a major problem in the oil and gas construction projects. It is found to be one of the dangerous industries, which has adverse impact on the health and safety related issues. Several efforts have been made to address this problem, but there is a lot of scope for the improvement of health and safety management. The article explores health and safety issues in relation to the oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia. This article identifies all the safety and health issues, as well as, its adverse effect on human lives. The article also reflects several work related hazards that are concerned with oil and gas projects and the possible measures for preventing such health and safety risks.

No fo Author(s) : 1
Page(s) : 25 - 26
Electronic ISSN : 2374 - 1627
Volume 3 : Issue 1
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