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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

What the white goods sector should understand in order to join the Internet of Things ecosystem in the connected home



The implications of the Internet of Things (IoT) regarding business can be observed under multiple perspectives. Some of these perspectives involve the development of new products, innovation, inter-firm collaboration or competition. However, in this research, the problem is analysed from the perspective of the IoT ecosystems in the connected home, which tries to identify the element structure in order to maximize the information value creation for the white goods sector. This document explores the evolution of the Internet of Things in the home with a business focus point in terms of information value. This is based on an extensive review of literature while analysing the phenomena incidence of industry and organizations. Likewise the challenges and opportunities that the household appliance companies represent are visualized, the business model framework is used in order to contextualize the problem, find a knowledge gap and integrate the stakeholders conceptions about the Internet of Things.

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Volume 6 : Issue 1
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