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A Comparative Analysis between Eurocode 7 and Code of former Yugoslavia for Retaining Wall Design using Reliability Theory

Author(s) : IVANA KLARIC


The design and the analysis of retaining walls are different in different countries depending on the applied rulebooks for geotechnical design. Eurocode7 is the Rulebook which pays a lot of attention to durability, safety and usability of structures and is based on five limit states. The rulebook for the design of geotechnical structures (Official Gazette 1990) which is based on the old regulations of the former Yugoslavia is still in use in the design of geotechnical constructions in B&H. With this paper it is made a comparative analysis of the reliability of the calculation of reinforced –concrete retaining wall according to the EC7 and the old regulations. From the obtained results of reliability of design of capacity and stability, it is clear that EC7 gives a more extensive and more reliable design and it is necessary in B&H to adopt one of the project approaches that it recommends.

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Page(s) : 183 - 187
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Volume 6 : Issue 1
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