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Constructive Tradition becomes Future Design an educational and professional training establishment in Africa - Tanzania



This paper presents the final thesis in Building Engineering and Architecture of student Luisa Di Nardo that consist in the design of an educational and professional training establishment in Africa - Tanzania, specifically in the town of Pande - Bagamoyo, a town that I visited and lived in, to better carry out the necessary investigations, thanks to the hospitality of some compatriots now living in Bagamoyo for several years. From research and analysis carried out it emerged that the frequent abandonment of traditional architecture in favor of Eastern and European character construction and materials created nothing but the spread of dysfunctional construction and hardly suited to the African context. Plastics, concrete blocks and galvanized sheets make very little improvement in the quality living of a population that is forced to endure temperatures and climatic conditions very different from those of the countries from which the materials originate. Hence the reflection on "Designing in developing countries" has originated, in order to contribute to improving the level of environmental comfort of the environments created and therefore the quality of life of the people living in these areas by placing, however, close attention also to safeguard the characters traditional architecture. This type of design requires the need to being documented about the place and the environment that we are taking into account with the aim of making the design as environmentally friendly as possible, anthropic, cultural and technical. It is needed to research a new reference system that interprets and meets the needs of a population different from our own, considering it a cultural reality to be protected and not to be modernized at all costs. These are the conditions that predispose to a careful and accurate research of the place, climate, customs and traditions of the local population, of the materials, of construction techniques, of the arrangement of the spaces, resources, associated issues concerning the school system and the habits of the students with the goal of designing an institution that can ensure their psychophysical and environmental comfort, fully respecting the character of their constructive tradition.

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