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Finding Outlier by using a modified Hybrid Model with the integration of DEMATEL and DANP techniques, and combining the Cluster Analysis



A hybrid model (in this paper we call it D-DANP) with the integration of DEMATEL (Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory) and DANP (DEMATEL-base ANP) techniques is a popular and effective tool which can output some visual maps to summarize those complex human thinking by its systematization method, and provide some vital information to decision maker. D-DANP model uses questionnaire to collect raw data from expert. Therefore, the most important thing is to collect effective and reliable sample by confirming the quality of the expert. The D-DANP uses the function of consistence examination to verify the reliability of raw data which can influence the outcome of INRM directly and disturb the interpretation of result. However, the D-DANP can not provide the more reliable INRM without finding the outlier form raw data. This paper intends to propose a new modified hybrid model based on the D-DANP model, to develop trustworthy INRM by eliminating outlier which can be found by cluster analysis technique according to influential weight result. And this paper will illustrate in some circumstance the raw data (with outlier) pass the consistence examination, while the INRM appearing an inaccurate condition. The appraisal system of B&B (Bed and Breakfast) will be used to demonstrate how to apply the new modified hybrid model to find out the outlier.

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