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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

The adoption of mobile-learning to support physically challenged learners with special educational needs: Case of Zimbabwe



Education is a key investment in any nation as it plays a crucial role to sustainable human, economic, social and technological development of that nation. The right to education for all has been a long standing commitment for Zimbabwe and as such the Zimbabwe Education Act stipulates that all children have the right to the provision of education without discrimination in compliance with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). On the contrast the situation in Zimbabwe shows that many children with physical disabilities are still segregated as regards education for very few neither have access to basic education nor reach the highest levels of education. This study investigated ways through which mobile technologies can be used as learner support services for learners with special educational needs due to physical disabilities. In this paper, disabled learners with special education needs refer to learners with physical and hearing impairments. This paper is timely since there is significant growth in the use of mobile technologies for a variety of purposes the world over. We find mobile technologies handy due to their affordances evident in existing literature such as the capability to afford learners with both cognitive and affective support to promote learning.

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