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International Journal of Environmental Engineering

An estimate of the short-term local climatic changes by measuring the air temperature, air pressure and humidity



This paper presents an assessment of local climate changes in Southwestern part of Bulgaria, specially region of Blagoevgrad. In this study was conducted research and measurement of weather parameters such as air temperature, humidity and air pressure. The analysis is carried out for a month of July in the period of last five years (2011- 2015). Hardware is unchanged and the main basic sensors are the same throughout the study period. Weather station used for this scientific research was WS-2355. In practice, the changes are analyzed and given an assessment of climate change in the past five years. An attempt to found new trends and identify dependencies for predicting the next climatic parameters. Relatively few data on such changes still can not give an unambiguous assessment of climate change, but the collection of local data is a step towards solving this scientific problem.

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Volume 3 : Issue 1
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