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International Journal of Environmental Engineering

A Standardized Assessment System for Integrative Comfort Factors of the Korean Traditional Housing



Intention of this study is to evaluate indoor environmental quality system using physical and psychological analysis presented on the consideration of the traditional houses in Korea, called Hanok. In addition, this paper is to build a diversified, integrative evaluation system considering traditional, aesthetic and psychological values. For this study, the degree of integrative indoor environmental (IEQ) quality was analyzed and IEQ performance has been classified. Indoor environmental quality performance was divided into two large performance categories: physical and psychological. For this research, survey data from residents were collected for evaluating psychological indoor environmental quality. Existing relevant studies about IEQ evaluation system were driven to reveal the quantitative elements of the suggested classification system. This study also contains a qualitative indepth analysis of the IEQ factor and will examine the effect of those elements. This study has finally proposed an integrated IEQ evaluation system that can evaluate over inhabitants of the interior environmental conditions and surveys. As a result, the proposed system will have to be turned on quite good applicability in the field.

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