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International Journal of Environmental Engineering

Use Of Geosynthetics In Water Harvesting



The excess rainwater in monsoon is drained-off by the storm water drain with negligible water recharge . The various water harvesting methods incorporating geosynthetics have been proposed to save the water. The geogrid, geotextile can be incorporated in the geotechnical applications to improve the ground water table. These materials are water preamble and easy to apply in the conventional drainage system. Water recharge test rig has been constructed using RCC pipes at various locations having different soil type. The water recharge rate has been measured at regular interval. It is mainly applicable in residential area of urban regions and certain industrial area. ‘Water recharge pit’ also have been constructed using sand, locally available aggregate materials and nonwoven fabric. The location of pit should such that accumulated rainwater available to maximize water recharge. The amount of water recharged has been measured through the pit. The study shows that the needled nonwoven fabric in combination of geogrid filters the rain water and accelerates water recharge rate. The water harvesting using geosynthetics is cost effective way for the ground water recharge. It also help in resolving the water logging in heavy rains.

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