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International Journal of Environmental Engineering

Kinetic Modeling of Oil Absorption by Waste Tire Granules



A study of oil absorption by using waste tire granules was investigated and modeled. It was found that the kinetics of oil absorption of waste tire granule depended on oil type, tire granule size, and temperature. Gasoline was absorbed to reach equilibrium with the highest rate, followed by diesel, soybean oil (cooking oil) and motor oil. Gasoline absorbability of tire granule with the size of 10 mesh had the highest value of 1.2 times tire’s weight at 50oC. Considering the size of waste tire granule, the oil absorbability was greater when the size was smaller. In addition, tire granules were able to absorb more oil at higher temperature because both rubber and oil molecules had higher kinetic energy to move inside the rubber particle. Moreover, the diffusion coefficient could be estimated from the diffusion equation (long-time kinetic model) for a spherical particle by using the experimental swelling data. It was seen that the diffusion coefficient was increased when oil temperature was higher or when the tire granule was smaller.

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