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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Towards application of simulation in a social scenario



There are number of research practices, methodologies and tools existing and evolving to help the social science researchers in conducting there research studies such as doing surveys, analyzing quantitative and qualitative data etc.Social simulation models have a significant role play in the area of social sciences. The role of social simulation models have increased to such an extent that they are attempting to incorporate actual human social behaviour.This paper deals with the nature and implications of the growing importance of research in the area of social simulating models. The agent based social simulating models are supposed to serve as a prototype of the real social scenario. We discuss the purpose, design and direction of systems for the simulation of social phenomena from the perspective of a social expert and analyze their in real the world picture. The analytical study carried on social simulations is discussed on various parameters that have remained subtly trivial and insignificant in this research area. The parameters are classified as the type of application being simulated, the categories of result obtained from simulating models. We do this by arguing and speculating about what an ideal system of this type might look like and how practically useful and applicable it is to the current social scenario. It is certainly true that the use of Agent based modelling opens up new scientific perspectives but we must keep in mind the fundamental limitations and pitfalls of computer based modeling.

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