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Location based Emergency Response Management System through Satellites in Road Networks



The integration of Wireless technologies, GIS and sensors, has opened new possibilities of developing an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). The face of ITS are changing with modern applications like Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS), Route Guidance Systems (RGS), Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS), Performance Monitoring and Congestion management etc. An effective Intelligent Transportation System reduces traffic congestion, environmental pollution, trauma related mortality, fuel consumption and driver in-convenience etc. With advancements in Geographical Positioning Systems (GPS), Emergency Management Service are becoming an integral part of many new ITS mobile applications. In this paper, we introduce a new model for Location based Emergency Response Management System through Satellites in road networks. We propose a technique where an automatic voice call is transferred based on the severity of accident to nearest help center in case of emergency on roads. The severity of accident is computed by image comparison algorithm. The paper further suggest shortest path from the help center to reach the accident spot as SMS to the help center. The system also alerts the secondary help line (User Home) by sending the accident details as voice call. At the end, we reflect the benefits of proposed system.

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