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IT Governance in Higher Education Sectors – Teaching Services



Globally, the teaching services in higher education is under pressure to change and make it more interactive. The governance of higher education sectors has become an important issue from last decade. Now growth & rapid implementation of Information Technology (IT) is become important part of governance in Higher education sector and become an important issue, how to use IT governance in Teaching services in the university. IT has become critical in all aspects of universities education system (i.e. teaching, research activities and administration). IT is a tactical component that provides support to all major activities in university, and in the future is set to become an important strategic tool in higher education institutions. This work is analyzing how IT governance can be use or implement in following Teaching Services: (1) Benefits of using ICT in Higher Education, (2) Support studentcentered and self-directed learning, (3) Produce a creative learning environment, (4) Support teaching by facilitating access to course content.

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Page(s) : 239 - 242
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Volume 3 : Issue 1
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