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The quantitative evaluation method of technology management in medium-sized manufacturing companies



As management resources of the company, generally “people”, “goods”, “money (capital)” has been called that three elements of the management. Further “information” as a fourth element has been added recently. In this paper, furthermore, for the medium-sized manufacturing company that manufactures and sells the product with long life as mechanical elements, “outward activities” are proposed as the fifth element. The importance of these five management elements is different by market needs and corporate scale and strategy. So, the key method to evaluate importance of the management of technology is discussed systematically for mid-sized manufacturing company’s management on the basis of these management elements. In the management of technology system are classified into three layers, and the evaluation factors based on the management elements in each layer are composed by a tree structure. In this case study, it's also done clearly about how various innovations is classified by management of technology system.

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