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Economic Impact of the Telecommunication Industry on Bangladesh



The revolution of cellular telecommunication in Bangladesh started when the first call was made in 1989. This sector has a massive effect on the economy of the country. The GDP of the country has grown from less than 30 Billion US Dollars to 130 Billion US Dollars during 1989-2015 which is almost 4 times. Before the first mobile operator set foot on Bangladesh, people were heavily dependent on the BTTB Phones which are very popularly known as T&T Phone Lines. Although Bangladesh has one of the highest call rates in the world, the mobile penetration is at the very high end. The six operators together serve a customer base of 120 million as of December 2014. When one looks at the overall contribution of these operators towards the economy of the country then one would unquestionably be in agreement with the contribution that these companies and their employees have towards the economy.

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