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Design management approach to create strategies and cross the line at the bottom of the pyramid markets



this article discusses how the design management is an enabler that generates innovation and transformation, more effective and success for the organization and entrepreneurs who want to develop products, services and operations in the bottom of pyramid markets. This is a market with many difficulties, but with many opportunities. The objective of this article is identifying opportunities, strategies and methods to support organizations and for entrepreneurs to enter to the bottom of pyramid markets. Also, have the opportunity to design products, services and innovative and sustainable operations through design management in order to generate profits for them, and positive impacts for this population. The type of research is qualitative based on secondary sources studies, research and academic papers and case studies of organizations that work for this population. The steps described in this article aboard the issues, fundamental concepts of bottom of the pyramid and design management, organization cases and entrepreneurs, using design management, developing the process for boarding with success to this market.

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Page(s) : 209 - 215
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Volume 3 : Issue 1
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