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International Journal of Business and Management Study

The Technology Acceptance Model: An ECommerce Extension



Electronic-commerce has gained a great importance as a medium for conducting business. Researchers and market executives alike are still studying online consumer behavior with the purpose of better understanding it. One model widely used for understanding technology adoption in general is the technology acceptance model (TAM). In this study, we develop and test an Ecommerce specific extension of the TAM. Two predictor variables are added to the original TAM, namely, process satisfaction, and outcome satisfaction. In addition, the TAM is extended by measuring actual behavior, in contrast to previous TAM application studies that measured intentions as a substitute for actual behavior. We measured actual use variable in terms of four criterion variables, namely, purchase, access number, access total time, and access average time. The extended TAM proved to better fit Ecommerce environments by better explaining actual behavior than the original TAM.

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Page(s) : 125 - 131
Electronic ISSN : 2372-3955
Volume 3 : Issue 1
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