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The influence of big data in the practices of strategic intelligence professionals in Brazil



Strategic use of information is at the core of intelligence activity whose focus has been largely directed to the use of technology for data analysis. However, in practice the human factor still remains decisive for the correct and incorrect interpretation of data. In this article we present the outcome of a study on how the big data phenomenon is perceived and influences the activities of strategic intelligence (SI) professionals in Brazil. We used both the social constructionist research and the content analysis methods to analyzed in-depth interviews with strategic intelligence experts in Brazil. The results indicate that intelligence analysis is not as yet directly benefiting from the big data phenomenon. If on one side big data favours data collection, on the other it hinders the command of the subject. The study also showed that, for some interviewees big data is already integrated into the more elaborate professional practices and in the development of specific projects. However, for others, big date is not yet a reality hence the unperceived need of large volumes of data in analysis.

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