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A Study On Consumer Satisfaction Towards Online Shopping With Special Reference To Chennai City

Author(s) : J.SULAIMAN


Online shopping is favorable for both buyers and sellers as it provides a mutual web-mart regarding all goods and services that are available. Presently online shopping has a major contribution to global economic growth. Thus, the study aims to examine the customer satisfaction towards online shopping. The study is based on both primary and secondary data. Likert’s four point scale and Convenient Sampling method were used in this study for selecting the samples and the sample size for the study was fifty. With a view of analyzing the data, percentage analysis and Pearson’s chi-square test were used. A master table was prepared for entering the responses of each respondent and small cross tables were made from the master table for analysis. Hence the study concludes that the online customers in Chennai City are satisfied with the existing alternatives. Research findings from the paper will be useful to understand the customers’ level of satisfaction on basis of the products as well as websites experienced by online customers.satisfaction on basis of the products as well as websites experienced by online customers

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