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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Virtual Web Contents (VWC) for Personalized Presentation



This paper aims to equip the next generation of Web users with the idea of personalized presentation of Web contents by substituting some of the real Web contents with the ‘Virtual Web Contents’ (VWC). In order to realize this idea, we introduce a novel concept of Personal Conceptual Dictionary (PCD). The PCD is an ontology-based dictionary of a collection of user-defined concepts that is utilized to create a new personalized layer of VWC residing between the real web contents and the end-user. Hence, the end-users rather than interacting with all the real contents, may also interact with some of the ‘Virtual Web Contents’ creating an exciting environment making their data visualization more personal and browsing more flexible. Our hypothesis is that by integrating VWC with real Web contents, the Web of future will not just work different but also provides more personalized and pleasant experience to its users. We present some interesting results obtained from the initial implementation of the VWC idea.

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Page(s) : 121 - 127
Electronic ISSN : 2250 - 3757
Volume 2 : Issue 3
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