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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Growable Cyber-I’s Modeling with Increasing Personal Data



Cyber-Individual (Cyber-I), is a counterpart of Real-Individual (Real-I) in cyberspace, namely, a unique, digital and comprehensive description for a real individual. A Cyber-I is to gradually approximate to its Real-I by continuously collecting, processing and utilizing Real-I’s personal data. The personal data in terms of data types and data amount is continuously increasing due to widely use of smartphones, sensors, and other devices as well as software tools. Such personal data makes Cyber-I’s growable model possible. This paper is mainly focused on describing the initialization and growth of Cyber-I model. That is, how is a Cyber-I model initialized with the basic data generated at the Cyber-I birth stage and how can it grow with continuously collected incoming personal data to approximate to its Real-I’s states, behaviors and characteristics. In this paper, a system prototype for supporting the model initialization and growth is illustrated, and a case study for showing the growable modeling is given.

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