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Kinect-based Gesture Command Recognition for Vending Machine Operations Using an Android Platform as the Machine Simulator



In this paper, a Kinect-based gesture recognition scheme for the application of operating a vending machine is presented where the popular smart phone device with the android platform is used as a simulator of the vending machine. Compared to the conventional human-computer interface (HCI) of vending machines by push-button operations, the developed gesture recognition scheme that employs the gesture action made by a personal operator as the operational command is a new type of HCI to control the vending machine. Presented Kinect-based gesture recognition for vending machine control sufficiently takes use of the released Kinect software development kit (Kinect SDK) to develop the system where the human skeleton information to represent the corresponding operator’s gesture action is extracted and then recognized. For further increasing the recognition accuracy of gesture command recognition, a time interval between the current recognition decision and the next recognition decision is investigated and analyzed. A proper value of decision time-interval will then be provided to the gesture recognition system for avoiding the imperfect recognition accuracy that results from an arbitrary and improper setting of the decision time-interval. Experimental results showed that presented Kinect-based gesture command recognition for vending machine operations is feasible and also competitive on recognition performances. On the use of the released Kinect SDK for establishing the gesture recognition system, gesture recognition with an appropriately-designed time interval of decision making will perform apparently much better than that without any investigation information available about decision time-interval settings.

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