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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

A Copyright Management Service Model for Natioanl Research Reports in Korea



A service model that manages the copyrights of national research reports in Korea is designed. When a new research document is submitted to the copyright management server, it is checked whether the document has similar expressions to the already published documents or not. If it has the plagiarized expressions, the service helps authors to prepare the reference list and also to attach the citation mark in proper locations of the new document. Only when the new document is free from the plagiarism suspicion, it can be registered as a copyright holding report. To download and view the registered reports, customers should register and sign on as member users. Only the registered users can download and see the encrypted documents through the dedicated document viewer. When the viewer opens a registered document, a log record is generated and transmitted to the server. After collecting all log records at the server, the copyright management service can analyze them also to mine usage patterns of research reports. With the proposed copyright management service, we hope to increase the utilization of research reports and make a foundation for resolving copyright-related disputes, and finally to contribute to revitalization of the national research and development efforts.

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Page(s) : 267 - 271
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Volume 5 : Issue 2
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