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The Medical Module For Disaster Information Systems



The aim of this study is to improve a medical module providing data flow between data center and prehospital disciplines like nearby hospitals, field hospital, temporary inhabiting areas such as tent city and vehicles for transportation by using the internet. This study is conducted by using Microsoft Access database and SQL query to inform database applications so that the real-time information flow between health care experts and health care team in the disaster area is provided. System has been created on Microsoft .Net platform using C# language. MMDIS can be used kind of a field like all the pre-hospital processes. Web application enables access to database. On the other hand, the professionals who use this application have different permissions to access this database. The professionals’ duties specify those permissions. Interfaces have been created to access the database that enables data entry, data query, data storage, delete data etc. The users’ access to the web application is provided by The real-users tests are organized to evaluate this application's achievements. These tests include the experiences of 13 users who are volunteers. The body language, hands and eyes movements of the users are being recorded with a camera. It will be measured how much and how long these duties will have been achieved by the end of April. The results obtained from these tests will be used for the reengineering of web applications. After that, these tests will be reapplied and obtained results will give the last form of this web application. Finally, new awareness that how disaster-based information systems are used in the field of health is improved with this study. This awareness provides not only the disaster information system which is an early warning system but also data flow which manages the process about victims in the disaster area. In addition to this, subjects and the differences of the health care practices of disaster information systems are uncovered.

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Volume 5 : Issue 2
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