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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Energy Conservation using Location Aided Routing Protocol in MANET



In a Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET), mobile nodes move around arbitrarily, nodes may join and leave the network at any time, and the resulting topology is constantly changing. Routing in a MANET is challenging issue because of the dynamic topology and the lack of fixed infrastructure. Since each mobile node has a limited battery lifetime, energy conservation is essential to prolong network lifetime in MANET. Hence, it is required to invent a new routing algorithm which makes efficient use of battery. The main objective of our paper is to optimize energy consumption in Location Aided Routing (LAR1). LAR1 is selected for enhancement because of higher packet delivery ratio, moderate energy consumption and best suited for mobile and dense network. Proposed protocol named as Energy Aware Location Aided Routing (EALAR1) senses remaining lifetime of node during route discovery and selects the path with maximum lifetime. Node remaining lifetime is the function of residual energy and drain rate of node. EALAR1 also sets the transmission power according to the distance of the next hop. We have analyzed relative performance of EALAR1 and LAR1 for different performance parameter like packet delivery ratio, delay, energy consumption and control overhead under the different network condition using QualNet 5.0 simulator. The proposed EALAR1 enhances network lifetime by reducing energy consumption and improves Packet Delivery Ratio for dense network. EALAR1 also reduces the control overhead compared to LAR1

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