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Investigation of Prominence of Placements of Optimised Number of Relays in aUbicomp Topography using Location-Aware Transmission



Relays are beneficial in ubicomp [7]. The benefits go mostly for mobile nodes in the topography. Relay densities and their placements have significant impacts on energy containment [7]. Some locations of relays may be more prominent than others [7][8] and this may hold true despite optimising the number of relays by removing the least prominent ones starting from a uniform distribution of moderately large number of relays. Hence, appropriate knowledge of tendencies of prominence in “optimised number” of relays is required so as to better plan for power requirements and efficiency of relays, future upgrades, continued use of lower power relays and reshuffling of relays needed. This paper is a follow-up of 8 previous papers [1-8] aimed at producing models of behaviours towards reliability in ubicomp with more focus from papers [4][7] [8]. In this paper, one set of behaviour patterns, for amount of data reaching each relay as transit relay over topography with optimally placed relays is presented. The results are presented in the form of graphs and tabular summaries of data, following which conclusions are drawn. The results of this study can help in further optimisations of relay densities and to avoid new arrangements or architectures of relays for ubicomp

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