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Modelof Energy Savings Achievable with Location-aware Transmission in Ubicomp using Optimised Number of Relays



There is no doubt that relays in aubicomp topography bring commendable support for communication and efficient reduction in energy consumption by transmitting nodes [4]. However, all these benefits are for transmitting nodes only. Less information is available as advantages or cost-effective sequence of steps for the development of the ubicomp architecture and topography. Investing into a network of relay will come with its costs and may not be achievable at one go. There is need for a phased method of investment starting from lesser number of relays but with more optimal returns including energy savings perspectives. To achieve this, a way to model and predict amount/proportion of energy saved and metrics concerned is required, from a software engineering perspective, when applying relays in aubicomp topography. This paper is a follow-up of 7 papers [1-7] with more focus from paper [4] and areas of investigation identified in paper [7]. This paper is aimed at producing models of energy savings achievable in various scenarios of optimised relays put forward in previous paper [7]. The results of experiments run are displayed graphically and relevant conclusions and equations derived are also put forward. These results will certainly help build more reliable architectures for future ubicomp

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