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Investigation of Prominence of Placements of Relays in Ubicomp Topography with location-aware transmission.



The benefits of introducing relays in aubicomp topography are very well accepted: Relays can provide support for communication, for location tracking, and more importantly, efficient reduction in energy consumption by transmitting nodes by reducing coverage areas [4]. However, most benefits are for thr transmitting nodes in the topography. The relay densities and their placements have significant impacts on energy containment [4] and % data transiting through it. Adding new powerful relays at wrong placements may not have significant return on investment. There is need to know the evolution of these impacts to better cater for planning of relay powers and their efficiencies, future upgrades, acceptability of continued use of lower power relays at lesser prominent locations or reshuffling relays of different powers to better suit data flow densities. Results of this study can also be used towards optimisation of relay densities or build new arrangements/architecture of relays over which experimentations can continue. This paper is a follow-up of 6 previous papers [1-6] aimed at producing models of behaviours in aubicomp environment and energy savings achievable.The objective of this paper is to present one set of behaviour patterns for amount of data reaching each relay as transit relay over a topography with increasing relay densities, in form of graphs and tabular summaries of data, following which conclusions are drawn.

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