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Interactive Media For Introducing The Indonesian Archipelago Mask Through “ARTopeng” Application Using Computer Based Augmented Reality Technology



The Indonesian Archipelago mask is one of Indonesian cultures and local wisdom. Indonesia has approximately 85 masks which spread all over country. The aim of this research paper is to develop “ARTopeng” application using Augmented Reality as the desktop based interactive media for introducing the Indonesian masks. The method used in developing this “ARTopeng” application is Prototyping. In the first stage, needs analysis and literature study were conducted. The second stage is done by designing the application using use-case. The third stage is the implementation and functionality testing by media expert. The fourth stage is the software testing stage to examine the quality and feasibility of “ARTopeng” application as the instructional media in the context of functionality, usability, portability, efficiency, maintainability, and reliability (ISO 9126- 1). This research paper has some conclusions: 1) “ARTopeng” application prototype development have passed several software engineering processes from design up to testing which are according with the specification; 2) The result of “ARTopeng” application quality analysis as the media for introducing the Indonesian Archipelago mask is functionality 82,5%, reliability 86,7%, portability 85%, maintainability 80%, efficiency 75% and usability 85,78%

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Volume 5 : Issue 2
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