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Extending Node Battery Availability in Ubicomp with Location-Aware Transmission Using Uniformly Placed Relays.



Ubiquitous computing is a fairly recent field of development and quite much achievements have been reached [12-28]. Research remains open for newer batteries, better compression strategies, better processors for ubicomp devices, better communication strategies and surrogate support, one specific field of study is location-aware transmission strategies in ubicomp topographies with varying number of uniformly positioned relays. Indeed, wireless communication is highly energy consuming and it varies proportional to the square of distance between sender and receiver and relays can help by reducing the maximum distances for transmission. A more far-sighted question remains “By how much can nodes’ batteries availability be extended with use of uniformly placed relays?”. Such an issue can be tackled once underlying components of trends of energy savings/consumed are available. One such component has been put forward in a previous paper [4]. The method to be applied is explained in another previous paper [10]. This paper is a follow-up of several previous papers [2,3,10,11] where one future work identified in paper [10] is tackled here. The objective of this paper is to present the MBAEF of batteries for varying numbers of uniformly placed relays in a ubicomp topography. This information will help towards formulation of reliability components in ubicomp architectures.

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