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Extending Node Battery Availability in Ubicomp with Location-Aware Transmission Using Optimally Placed Relays.



Ubiquitous computing is a fairly recent but fast developing field. One sub-component of research and development is the application of relays for enhancing a ubicomp topography. In a previous paper [12], an empirical analysis of suitability of relays for extending nodes’ Battery Availability was proposed using a metric MBAEF. Placement of relays is of very big impact. Positioning relays or adding new relays at wrong positions may not give significant returns. Judicious methodical placement of relays has to be supported by appropriate metrics and obtained through good procedures. The question put forward in previous paper [12] is extended here “By how much can nodes’ batteries availability be extended with use of optimally placed relays?”. The same method described previously [10] is used here over results presented in section 5 of previous paper [4], concerning optimised number of relays. This paper is also a follow-up of several previous papers [2,3,10,11,12]. The objective of this paper is to present the MBAEF of batteries for varying numbers of optimally placed relays in a ubicomp topography. This information will reinforce reliability concepts in ubicomp architectures

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