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Mass Customization Strategy In Footwear Industry



At this point of time, one of the trendy key word in the clothing industry all over the world especially for footwear industry is "Mass Customization". Thus shoe making manufacturers to survive and to be successful within an increasingly globalish market they need to fight competition on different grounds such as flexible automation and IT solution that enable high variance in operation at low switching cost. Footwear fitter measurement have been using manual measurement for a long time. Along with the development of 3D acquisition devices and the advent of powerful 3D visualization and modeling techniques, automatically analyzing have now made automatic collection of consumer foot data for further analysis such as shoe last design and population distribution as well as for communication with customers for determining footwear fit. Data resulting from 3D scanning are given in arbitrary positions and orientations in space. To apply sophisticated modeling operation on these data sets, substantial post-processing is usually required. For alignment of the foot with shoe last data base we apply weighted principle component analysis. Then in order to produce the right fit and comfort, we estimate longitudinal shoe last curvature with concentrated curvature method based on customer’s foot

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