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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Wireless Personal Area Network based Semiautonomous robot using 802.15.4 b LAN standard protocol (ZIGBEE) with MATLAB GUI for coal mine Uses



Being a nonrenewable and very efficient source of energy coal has been widely used to produce electricity; in many industries we use coal as a fuel also. Coal mining has been a very dangerous activity, underground mining hazards include gas explosions and suffocation which leads to death of coal miners every year and figures are very alarming. It may cause chronic lung disease and other respiratory disorders and shorten the life expectancy of miners. To overcome this problem we can introduce wirelessly controlled robots with the help of Graphical User Interface (GUI) of MATLAB, which are capable of doing mining and detecting the gas contents and temperature and send it back to the control room. Now the data which is now available in the receiving end determines the further action of robots. The whole process is cost effective and economically sound. Further these wireless robots have broad applications like in wireless home security applications, spy and war robots as they can make through in enemy areas just to track their activities. Other applications like in Nuclear Power Plant we can send them in Radioactive area to analyze things which is normally not possible for humans

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