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International Journal of Advances in Bio-Informatics and Bio-Technology

Epidemic Model For Ebola Disease



Outbreaks of Ebola disease in early 2014 in West Africa is a major highlight for researchers throughout the world because of the high mortality rate. Ebola disease is caused by a virus named Ebola virus which can be transmitted from infected humans to healthy humans through direct contact with their body fluids. But there is another evidence that Ebola virus can be transmitted through the bodies of humans who recently died from the disease. Because of that, this epidemic model for Ebola disease is built by considering the number of human bodies who recently died from the disease. The epidemic model is constructed with a SEIRD model, in which the addition D compartment represents the number of human bodies who recently died from Ebola disease. Two control parameters are included in the model in the form of a rate of isolation of infected persons and the expose period of the dead bodies. The basic reproductive number is obtained and sensitivity analysis of is shown

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