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International Journal of Advances in Bio-Informatics and Bio-Technology

Polymer Electrospun Nanofibers For Tissue Engineering Application: A Review

Author(s) : AZRAN AZHIM   , ZATIL IZZAH   


This paper reviews recent research in the fields of blending natural polymers and synthetic polymer focusing on electrospinning technique for application of tissue engineering. Suitability of developed new synthetic material promotes new live saving potential for patient. Previous research shows that Polycaprolactone (PCL) and Polylactic acid (PLA) have excellent biodegradability and biocompatibility for tissue engineering. However, the lacks of mechanical strength and elasticity makes this polymer unsuitable for engineering vascular scaffolds. Polyurethane has a potential application in tissue engineering. Many researchers actively conduct experiment based on this elastiomer due to its good mechanical testing and elasticity. This review provides information on current research that is useful for the specific application.

No fo Author(s) : 2
Page(s) : 18 - 22
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Volume 2 : Issue 1
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