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International Journal of Advances in Bio-Informatics and Bio-Technology

Impact of Gravel Extraction on Stream Morphology and Biotic Communities in Streams of Vanua Levu Fiji.

Author(s) : NIRBHAY CHAND   


Gravel extraction refers to the actual process of removal of gravel from a place of occurrence. The increase in demand for gravel for construction purposes has placed immense pressure on the environment where these resources occur. Gravel extractors employ different methods of extraction along river channels and their flood plains. Using environmental impact assessment guidelines, a host of environmental aspects were identified along Labasa, Dreket i (Naua) and Tabia Rivers of Vanua Levu. These aspects include collapsing river banks, habitat destruction, and impact on water quality, flora, fauna and riparian vegetation. These aspects have a significant impact on environmental functionality of the valley. It is therefore, concluded that there is need for more environmental r eg ulat ion s and stringent monitoring system to be developed and implemented.

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