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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Trust relationship model to enhance security and privacy for cloud environment



These days the common term used for distinguishing the services such as availability, data mobility, cost effective, privacy and security is “Cloud Computing Technology”. Cloud computing can solve technical issues, reduce organization cost, and make data available anytime, anywhere. Like many technologies, cloud computing is facing lot of challenges; one of these challenges is “Trust relationship”. In this paper we will propose a model called “Cloud Computing Trust Relationship Model (CCTRM)”. This model will enhance the security and privacy for cloud computing environment. CCTRM model will be used in telecommunication and nontelecommunication organizations, governments sectors, and private sectors to implement trust relationship between them and cloud computing service providers. This trust will allow the organization to obtain cloud computing services safely without the need to be worry about security and privacy on their cloud.

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Volume 5 : Issue 2
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