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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Applications of Visual Cryptographic Scheme



Visual Cryptography is a special kind of cryptographic scheme where the decryption of the encrypted secret is done by the human vision and not by complex mathematical calculations. Visual Cryptography deals with any secrets such as printed or pictures, etc. These secrets are fed into the system in a digital (image) form. The digital form of the secrets is then divided into different parts based on the pixel of the digital secret. These parts are called shares. The shares are then overlapped correctly to visualize the secret. Visual Cryptography is a very creative technique of sharing secrets. It is generally used either for sharing any secret among individuals or is used for authentication purpose. It can be used in different fields and different area to ensure security. This paper is a compilation some of the major applicable areas of Visual Cryptography. There are still many areas which have not been coupled with Visual Cryptography which otherwise would prove beneficial.

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