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Status of Food Security and Its Impact on Quality Education among High-School-Students in Village Shimulia

Author(s) : NAZMUL HUDA   


Green revolution aims to create hunger free world. However, it had bypassed the crisis issues including food security among the developing nations. Inflationary pressure and increasing tendency of food prices play a crucial role for food insecurity. Bangladesh – a highly populated country, estimated 7,400,000 children enrolled as high-school-students every year, mostly depends on agriculture. No doubt, these children, by acquiring quality education, will contribute to creating a beautiful Bangladesh – a hunger free, technologically advanced, and globally adjustable Bangladesh. Thus, only quality education, including quality learner, can ensure proper social development which was actually demanded by the government of Bangladesh. The objective of this study is to show the relationship between food security of high-school-students and their quality education. The study has been carried out through purposive sampling with 167 high-school-students who were studying in class-6 to 10 and living in a semi-remote Village named Shimulia, Bangladesh. For this study, semi-structured questionnaire for surveying and Key Informant Information (KII) were used as tools of data collection. The study was undertaken from July, 2014 to December, 2014. The study revealed that family food production is moderately (.69) related to quality education where household availability of food (.78) and accessibility of food for the family (.87) are associated with quality education among high-school-students in Bangladesh. Previous studies showed so many factors were associated with quality education but not with food security. Nevertheless, this study will enrich the factors affecting quality education. Eventually that will create a new bridge between food security and quality education.

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