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Technology Management Process and Encountered Problems in Organizations



In a fast developing world, the technology -which effects human life in various subjects such as production, planning and marketing- is an important factor to meet the highest level of requirements. This situation has drawn attention of the organizations; identifying and using the technologies to suit their own needs have yielded positive results. However, in order to benefit from the used technology at an optimum level, technology management activities must be performed effectively. Especially, quality-focused competition and technology being the most important component which determines quality clearly prooves that technology management concept is very important for the organizations today. At this point, organizations’ scarcity of knowledge about technology management has been effective in both indicating the importance of the subject and preparation of the study. In this study, the meaning of technology management in organizations, its importance, technology management process and the problems encountered during this process are examined in detail. Certain determinations and propositions about the subject are made by focusing on the causes of such problems. It is seen that organizations to restructure the technology management strategies in the light of such propositions is important. (Abstract)

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