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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

A Study Over Non-conventional Energy Resource: Feasibility, Evolution and Future prospect



Energy demand is the most promising demand in the current time. So most of the countries have the major concern about how to meet the increasing demand of the upcoming future. All the conventional energy resources of the current world are not reserved as unlimited. So, the whole world energy resource hunter has to look after the alternative energy source and there is the issue of breakthrough of Non-Conventional energy. From the very beginning the energy demand is increasing exponentially. The different types of fuel are of different amounts. So it is really very important to organize all the data about the fuel types and their amount, so that it becomes very easy to relate all the data and take the perfect decision about the perfect sources of energy to deal with in the future. This totally depends upon the amount of the fuel, easy access, conversion to the desired energy form, cost effectiveness etc. So the main purpose of this study is to give a brief idea about the energy source types, their availability, how much time we can rely on the present fuel types, possibility of the new types of fuels, their future and a real time fights with the upcoming future demand of energy to cross the barrier of the energy limitations.

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