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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

An efficient and improved genetic algorithm approach to solve economic dispatch with line flow constraints



In this paper an efficient method of ordinary genetic algorithm (OGA) has been proposed to solve economic dispatch (ED) problem with line flow constraints. The proposed method uses the situation where if more number of candidates participate in a competition, the chance of getting a good candidate is better. The set of population directed by evolutionary direction operator, gets directed towards the global optimal solution. The proposed technique is called efficient and improved genetic algorithm (EIGA) and has been tested on IEEE 30 bus system. The new technique is compared with OGA and improved genetic algorithm (IGA). Numerical results imply that the quality of the solution is better and time consumed (in terms of computer cycles ) to get the result is less using the new method as compared with the other two methods.

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Volume 1 : Issue 2
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